Alternative trip on your OWN...

…Some where deep in the jungle…

Day 1

09:00 am KAYAK Start from Saiyok National Park or Mae Nam Noi Bridge (under the bridge by the river KWAI)

2-3 hrs. depending how's river currently.

12:00 am   Arrive at Riverkwai Coolcamp - jungle camp.
                 - Lunch by the local - fruit - coffee break.

13:00 pm   BIKE start cycling on dirt track along the nature - small village - plantation - wild Elephant area - nature reserve area.
- By the way pick up the thing an join thai cuisine with local chef.
- Dinner with family.
<< Time NO fixed >> your design.
??:??        Camp bed

Day 2

08:00 am Thai breakfast (rice soup mixed with chicken) coffee, Thai tea, fruits in the season.
10:00 am   Bye Bye jungle - drive 32 km along jungle road , Karen village , Plantation.
11:20 am   Arrive Nam Tok trainstation or bus stop

Included - 1 night jungle camp - Hut/ Tent/ family house (no electricity)
 - Activities KAYAK Kwai Noi River/ BIKE dirt track along Saiyok National Park
nature reserve area, jungle village, plantation, wild Elephant area
 - 3 meals traditional thai foods/ fruit in the season/ drinking water
 - Transport to Nam Tok trainstation
- Bus stop (32 km jungle road by the local)
                    3,500 Baht/person - minimum 2 persons maximum 8 persons/group/day 
Local taxi pick up from Nam Tok transtation - bus stop - market (14:00 pm)
Please pay extra 500 baht per trip (one way for 2 persons)

Note : what's to bring !!
For fishing bring your tackle, torch.
For jungle bring long pants, sneakers.